University of Belize Wellness Fair 2012

UB wellness fair 2012

April 26, 2012 - Every year the University of Belize holds a Wellness Fair focused on all aspects of health and wellness and 2012 was the first year of San Cas’s participation. Under the stewardship of Mrs. Sharon Palacio and her team, the fair is informative and interesting.

San Cas showcased Seven Seas and pistachios which are two positive contributors to a healthy lifestyle. The Seven Seas line has been sold Belize for years, and many of our grandparents grew up on the Cod Liver Oil. Today Seven Seas has a much expanded line including Cod Liver Oil capsules that contribute to healthy joints, hair, skin and nails for women, and Minadex and Haliborange for Children. These and other Seven Seas products are available at San Cas supermarkets, Save U, Bottom Dalla and People’s Store or in favorite supermarkets and pharmacies country wide.